Ministry of Ecstatic Trance eXperience

What is
the Church of Universal Loving Tranceformation?

Our mission is to guide people of all backgrounds into a personal loving relationship with the ecstatic divine within a context of non-denominational, non-sectarian, humanistic spiritual exploration and introspective psychedelic ecstatic trancework. We consider ourselves part of the universalist trans-religious neo-pentecostal pan-native-american-church post-heathen unitarian spiritual movement and as such do not subscribe to or require belief in a particular theological system beyond personal experience with ecstatic trance within safe, sane, and consensual contexts . . . the trance is the thyng.

The Church of Universal Loving Tranceformation follows a love-centered free-thinking progressive liberal religion that is guided by shared values rather than a particular dogma or creed. This lets individuals claim their personal beliefs based on conscience and experience. At its core, Universal Loving Tranceformationism places an emphasis on the worth and value of every person and the interconnectedness of all things along with a path of personal ecstatic trance connection within oneself to find the sense of the divine. Universal Loving Tranceformationists are encouraged to connect to the divine within via ecstatic trance as well as to give life to their values, demonstrating compassion, respect, and justice, working together to make the world a better place to pass along to our children.


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