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The Voluspa: Shamanism of Europe and How Humans Became Gods



thunderwizardMichael Denney discusses The Voluspa (The Prophecy of the Seeress), one of the most important religious texts of Pre-Christian Norse polytheism. Originally transcribed during the introduction of Christianity to Scandinavia, this poem preserves the original spiritual beliefs of the indigenous polytheist Germanic tribes of northwestern Europe. In this 3-part video teaching series, scholar and teacher Michael William Denney examines the underlying spiritual and mystical symbolism contained within the Voluspa. While the Voluspa itself was transcribed in the early Christian conversion period of the Norse culture, it was originally an orally transmitted poem that most likely represents an indigenous European shamanic teaching that may have its origins far into pre-history.

The Voluspa is considered to be a creation myth,and indeed it is, but from a mystical perspective, this is a veiled mystery teaching about the evolution of the Human race from mere animal into divine deity. In this series, Mr. Denney who is himself a recognized lineage holder in various indigenous Earth wisdom schools reveals the long misunderstood symbolism contained within this myth. In this DVD, you will learn the hidden shamanic understanding of the Aesir (celestial deities), the Vanir (deities of procreation), Dwarves (powers of self-awareness), Elves (ascended masters), Giants (powers of the laws of physics), Thurses (forces of self-sabotage) and the fire demon Surt (the force of entropy). Mr. Denney will also reveal a shocking origin for the god Odin (shamanic awareness) that I guarantee you, will shock you to your core. Most importantly, the Voluspa foretells the inevitable evolution of Human beings from knuckle dragging apes into the highest of celestial deities. Whatever you may think you know about pre-Christian European religion, prepare to have your mind expanded. Whatever your religious background, you deserve to know what our ancestors really believed about the human race and why this secret teaching was suppressed by the Christian church. The gods are you!

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