Ministry of Ecstatic Trance eXperience

Sermons from December 2014

Borrowing Faiths

BORROWING FAITHS Rev. Dr. Brian David Phillips discusses the phenomenon of BORROWING FAITHS when one religion borrows the faith components, holidays, gods, or more from another faith and the implications of such inter-faith borrowing. Please enjoy the special video. This piece is part of our CHURCH NEWS & RANTS series, every Tuesday we upload a…

MYTHNOSIS: Ecstatic Trance and Divine LifeMaps

MYTHNOSIS Ecstatic Trance and Divine LifeMaps In this sermonation, Rev. Dr. Brian David Phillips discusses MYTHNOSIS and Ecstatic Trance and Divine LifeMaps. Dr. Phillips introduce concepts and background related to the nature of MYTHNOSIS and how to use ecstatic trance and experiential hypnosis methods to enhance lifemaps based upon mythic archetypes. The MYTHNOSIS seminar introduces…

Grass Eaters & Gas Drinkers

GRASS EATERS and GAS DRINKERS Could YOU be hypnotized to actually EAT GRASS, DRINK GASOLINE, and EAT LEAVES AND BARK OFF OF TREES? These people have been! Rev. Dr. Brian David Phillips discusses a series of videos of African pentecostal preacher PASTOR LESEGO DANIEL in which he guides his parishioners into ecstatic states and experiential…

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