Ministry of Ecstatic Trance eXperience

Sermons on Mythic Tales

The Voluspa: Shamanism of Europe and How Humans Became Gods

THE VOLUSPA: SHAMANISM OF EUROPE HOW HUMANS BECAME GODS Michael Denney discusses The Voluspa (The Prophecy of the Seeress), one of the most important religious texts of Pre-Christian Norse polytheism. Originally transcribed during the introduction of Christianity to Scandinavia, this poem preserves the original spiritual beliefs of the indigenous polytheist Germanic tribes of northwestern Europe.…

MYTHNOSIS: Ecstatic Trance and Divine LifeMaps

MYTHNOSIS Ecstatic Trance and Divine LifeMaps In this sermonation, Rev. Dr. Brian David Phillips discusses MYTHNOSIS and Ecstatic Trance and Divine LifeMaps. Dr. Phillips introduce concepts and background related to the nature of MYTHNOSIS and how to use ecstatic trance and experiential hypnosis methods to enhance lifemaps based upon mythic archetypes. The MYTHNOSIS seminar introduces…

A Sex Goddess and a Queen

On November 13, 2013, Jacquelyn Williamson, visiting scholar at the University of California at Berkeley; WSRP Research Associate and Visiting Lecturer on Women’s Studies and Near Eastern Studies at Harvard Divinity School, spoke about her research on Nefertiti. For more on esoteric religion and experiential ecstatic trance, see the webpages for the Centre of Universal…

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