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What is Tranceformationalism?

WHAT IS TRANCEFORMATIONALISM? Dr. Brian David Phillips answers the question WHAT IS TRANCEFORMATIONALISTS? Please enjoy the special video. This piece is part of our PASTORAL QUESTION TIME series, every Wednesday we upload a new video which showcases an explanation or demonstration of ecstatic trance, experiential hypnosis, or neurolinguistic techniques as related to Tranceformationalist practice. This…

Why Does The Universe Exist?

Here’s philosopher Jim Holt delivering a TED talk with one of the TED-talkiest titles ever (just listen to the audience laugh in a paroxysm of absurd self-awareness): “Why does the Universe Exist?” And yet it’s a worthwhile and fun presentation. Holt’s presentation serves as a thoughtful and engaging introduction to the mathematical, philosophical, scientific and…

Site Under Reconstruction

Sorry for the mess but we are currently rebuilding the site . . . as an update to our underlying theme laid waste to the previous site and now we’re slowly trying to reconstruct everything AND keep it all in a reasonably attractive presentation that works on all devices. We’re slowly getting things done so…

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