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Posts from November 2014

Really Real Imaginary Gods

REALLY REAL IMAGINARY GODS Rev. Dr. Brian David Phillips discusses the question “HOW CAN THERE BE REAL GODS AND IMAGINARY GODS AND IMAGINARY GODS THAT SEEM TO BE REAL OR REAL GODS THAT SEEM TO BE IMAGINARY?” Does human interaction with the divine create a genuine connection with genuine deity or is it all just…

What If I Don’t Feel Ecstatic?

WHAT IF I DON’T EXPERIENCE ECSTATIC STATES DURING WORSHIP? Dr. Brian David Phillips answers the question “WHAT IF I DON’T EXPERIENCE ECSTATIC STATES DURING WORSHIP?” Since so much attention and focus is placed upon the “spiritual gifts” or the experience of direct connection with the divine through ecstatic experience within Universal Tranceformationalist congregations and within…

What Do YOU Want to Know?

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW? Dr. Brian David Phillips asks the question “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW?” as part of our PASTORAL QUESTION TIME series, every Wednesday we upload a new video which showcases an explanation or demonstration of ecstatic trance, seiðr, experiential hypnosis, or neurolinguistic techniques as related to Tranceformationalist practice. This…

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